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Illinois high school baseball players will face pitch-count limit next year

High school baseball players in Illinois will be subject to a pitch-count limit for the first time next year after a sports rule-making organization made such policies mandatory nationwide.

Friday vote requires states to adopt pitch counts

Dr. Preston Wolin was in Lexington, Ky., Friday, his hotel teeming with youth baseball players in town for a tournament, when he learned of the new mandate requiring all states to adopt pitch counts.

Looking for the magic number with pitch counts

Medical professionals seek measures to decrease arm injuries.

Pitch-count rule appears ready to pass in IHSA, rest of U.S. with potential NFHS rule

Organization could pass rule as soon as next week requiring each state to have pitch count.


Officials with the Illinois High School Association is considering a rule that would put a maximum on the number of pitches that can be thrown by a high school baseball player.

IHSA looks at limit on pitches thrown in baseball

IHSA officials are mulling a rule that would cap the number of pitches a player can throw in a game while also establishing the minimum amount of rest he must receive afterward.

Hit Harder, Throw Faster With This Hi-Tech Crowdfunded Baseball Cleat

Sports Science Technology Company Athalonz is bringing a new innovation to baseball: G-Force Shoes.

Orthopedic surgeon advises against pitching too much, too soon

Dr. Wolin was interviewed by Dan McGrath of the Sun Times on the consequences of young athletes pitching too much, too soon.

PRP Therapy

During a recent television interview, Dr. Wolin discussed PRP—platelet rich plasma—an innovative new way to repair athletes’ elbows without surgery.

Surgery-Free Fix For Knees

More than 600,000 total knee replacements were performed in 2008. A study this year shows that’s up 134 percent since 1999. One doctor said some people are getting them, when they could benefit from something much simpler.


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