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Navigating a worker’s compensation injury can often be difficult. At CAM, we’re dedicated to finding and using all available options to return an injured worker back to their pre-injury health and activity level in as timely a fashion as possible. And we know what it takes!

As Chairman of the Worker’s Compensation Task Force and the IL Worker’s Compensation Committee, Dr. Wolin has the extensive experience necessary to manage and care for worker’s compensation injuries.

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Working with Your Insurance

The Center for Athletic Medicine accepts most major insurance plans. We recommend that you call your insurance carrier to verify your in and out-of-network coverage prior to your appointment. We ask that you present your insurance card at each appointment so that we have your most current insurance information. Please let us know if you have any changes to your address and/or telephone number. We also ask that co-payments be paid at the time of service.

X-ray equipment is located within our facility for your convenience. If you are an HMO patient, please check with your PCP before your scheduled appointment to determine whether x-rays may be done at our office.

NOTE: The Center is considered a specialty practice, therefore some insurance companies may require a referral from your primary care physician before you may be seen by one of our physicians. To avoid billing issues, we ask that you contact your primary care physician office and inquire whether or not a referral is needed before scheduling an appointment with us. Please be sure to bring your referral with you to your visit.

Many of our patients are referred to us through their employers or insurance companies.  We ask that you provide medical records prior to your appointment, please contact the office for more information.   We ask that your bring, x-ray films and insurance documents (including WC case number) with you to your appointment.

Prescription Refills

Patient contacts their pharmacy and has the pharmacy send a refill request and then our office takes care of this. For pain medication please contact our office.

Official Disability Guidelines v Orthopaedic Literature

Presentation by Dr. Preston Wolin. Click HERE to view slides. 

Taking up a new sport or working out can be uncomfortable (especially when you're just getting started), but it should never hurt. 

Most injuries happen when you push yourself too hard. If you sustain an injury, please know that we can help you return to your prior activity level.


As Chairman of the Worker’s Compensation Task Force and the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Committee, Dr. Wolin offers the extensive experience you need to manage and treat worker’s compensation injuries. Moreover, we assist you throughout the process.


Rehabilitation is critical to the successful treatment of any orthopedic injury.

With our detailed protocol, state-of- the-art facilities and highly skilled therapists, a return to full activity is often possible and realized sooner than you imagined.


Professional athletes work their bodies very hard and their injuries can be extremely complex, severe and long lasting if not treated properly.

Dr. Wolin offers an expertise in this specialized field of Sports Medicine; having been team physician for many athletic groups across Chicagoland.


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