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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

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The health and wellness of our patients and our staff have always been and continues to be our prime concern. We intend to remain open for business to ensure that our patients can still receive the care they need during this difficult period. However, we also need to ensure all necessary precautions are being taken to minimize the risk posed by COVID-19. All our staff has received the Covid-19 vaccine.

Therefore, please note the following:

All patients must wear a mask before entering the office.

Please do not make an appointment if you are feeling ill. Let us know if you need to reschedule.

Reschedule your appointment if you have travelled outside of the country in the last 14 days, have had a fever over 100, a dry cough, or difficulty breathing in the last 14 days.

We ask that patients come alone to their appointments, but if necessary one person will be allowed to accompany the patient.

The practice is well equipped with hand sanitizers, which are being used constantly by all staff and patients.

OSHA cleaning guidelines continue to be followed, with additional hourly cleanings of all common surfaces/areas.

We have a large waiting room area to make it easier to keep a distance from other patients.

All staff is being regularly checked for fever, cough, or other concerning symptoms.

As you are aware this is a constantly evolving situation but rest assured that we are closely following CDC guidelines to make sure we are adhering to what is considered best practice.
We appreciate that some patients may still prefer not to travel now. Please note that we are also able to offer Telehealth care for your appointment with me or with one of our experienced Physical Therapists to allow you to continue your treatment from the comfort and safety of your own home.

I look forward to continuing to help all our patients on your road to recovery.

Stay safe. And be well!

Preston Wolin, M.D.

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