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Sports Medicine
Regenerative Medicine
Workers' Compensation
Physical Therapy
Clinical Psychology
Medical Weight Loss
  • Sports Medicine.

    Dr. Wolin offers specialized expertise in the field of Orthopedic Sports Medicine, having been a team physician for many athletic teams across Chicagoland.

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  • Regenerative Medicine.

    Recent advances in non-operative treatment include injecting biological materials into joints, ligaments, and tendons. Our office provides two of the most common treatments: platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stems cells.

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  • Workers Compensation.

    Dr. Wolin is an expert in worker’s compensation. He brings extensive knowledge and expertise to both the treatment of injured workers and the performance of independent medical evaluations.

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  • Physical Therapy.

    Our Physical Therapist will not only work on you but work with you, teaching you how to manage, relieve or further prevent your condition so that you will achieve lasting health results.

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  • Clinical Psychology.

    Our clinical psychologist, Dr. Morgan Wolin, works with athletes from amateur to Olympic athletes. Dr. Wolin treats patients with Post Concussive Syndrome as well as rehabbing severe head trauma.

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  • Medical Weight Loss

    Obesity is linked to many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and cancers. We are here to help in your weight loss journey to improve overall health and confidence with the FDA-approved medication semaglutide!

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Rehabilitation Protocols

At CAM, we employ sound rehabilitation protocols to get you back to health and mobility.

Superior Capsular Repair (SCR)

A novel procedure for patients with rotator cuff tears.

Many of these patients have torn the cuff again after surgery or have tears that cannot be repaired. They see their only option as accepting the shoulder or having a shoulder replacement, which involves a large scar and a long rehab process. We can rebuild the rotator cuff using an arthroscopic procedure called ‘Superior Capsular Repair’ (SCR). Once an experimental surgery, SCR has been done in thousands of cases around the world. It can be done arthroscopic surgery as an outpatient. I have done this procedure since 2017 and believe it can reliably improve the condition of the shoulder where other doctors have given little hope. The video is the story of one of my patients who is a very, very active golfer. He has actually now had it done on both sides.

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